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About Us

MRAG is now 43 years old!!!

Mineral Resource Analyst Group (MRAG) has been formally in existence since late 1971.  It was established in search of providing a forum for the mining industry to interact with the senior sell side mining analysts.

The generation of mining analysts of the 1960's have expanded the informal role of occasional get togethers at the Engineers Club on Victoria Street in Toronto, with the 1971 MRAG formality.  Most MRAG meetings are now held at the National Club on Bay Street in Toronto.  

MRAG is a non-profit association and its members of good standing pay an annual or bi-annual  fee for the activities of MRAG, which are corporate and industry presentations, government and stock exchange interactions, field trips and various forecast sessions.  MRAG has expanded its membership to qualified research associates of the industry since 2003, in view of the industry need for these members to acquire the skills to become the next generation of senior analysts.

MRAG is proud of the professionalism of its members carrying  industry related degrees.  Members of MRAG have extensive educational backgrounds  and field experiences in mining, geology, metallurgy or geophysics. 

MRAG is the only continuous association of analysts representing a key sector of the equity markets in Canada.  MRAG is headquartered in Toronto, a recognized city for worldwide mining finance, equity trading, corporate head offices of mining companies and mining industry expertise at all levels.


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