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MRAG members and executives work closely with the mining sector’s Investor Relations (IR) executives and departments.  Investor Relations is increasingly the most visible and active part of the corporation and contact is sometimes on a daily basis.

MRAG has considered a set of norms to enhance it's working relationship with IR and with corporations to enhance their effectiveness for them, assist the analysts and research associates to conduct their tasks more effectively.

MRAG recommends the following IR guidelines for application to assist the analysts and the investment community.


The tracking of industry conference calls by MRAG for many years and quarters revealed the corporate conflicts of certain hours and days and the lack of industry effective communication regarding press releases and scheduled presentations. 

  1. MRAG encourages all international companies to hold their conference call meetings in the morning hours of EST.  All continentals in general are discouraged from the 8-12 EST time slots.
  2. Thursdays, after three weeks and up to six weeks of the quarter ends, are the most commonly held conference call slots and the schedule conflicts are very significant.  Early or late afternoon meetings are encouraged on these Thursdays.
  3. Mondays and Fridays are the least used days and times for the conference calls and MRAG encourages these days for consideration.
  4. Conference call presentations are still not distributed as a link or pdf to the analysts assuming that all will sign up on the websites.  Immediate distribution of the links is needed with a reminder of the call beforehand.
  5.  Corporations can have short and a long form of press releases.  There is nothing adverse with long form press releases in pdf despite some objections.
  6. All filings by corporations should be emailed as a notice to analysts and associates or pdf’s, instead of expectation of website sign ups.
  7. All corporations are expected to notify analysts and associates of their meetings, field trips, presentations etc.  Although improving in numbers of contacts, there are still corporations not organized and avoiding this practice and sending information to selective institutions.
  8. All material available for field trips, presentations and meetings should be in pdf format and linked via email to analysts as well as the website postings for proper additional reference.
  9. There are significant variations in the industry websites and where one would access most of the analytical and shareholder information.  Although esthetically the websites are excellent, a uniform application of information items do vary among corporations.  
  10. All corporations are required to post transcripts of the conference calls rather than relying on third party sources to provide the transcripts.

MRAG is prepared to work closely with IR, Corporate Development and Finance Departments for effective feedback and disclosure.  To this effect, MRAG will form a committee to enhance the corporate effectiveness and the profile of the mining industry.


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